For phone orders only and information or customer service, call 478.396.6796 or email sales@extreme-scooters.com

We will try to meet your color choice of the item that you select, but cannot guarantee it.

New year models may have some small factory changes/modifications that may not be shown in photographs on the web site.

Georgia orders are all subject to sales tax.

SStock availability can change at any time.


For your convenience we currently accept:

  • Personal checks
  • Money order
  • Direct bank wire transfer
  • Some major credit cards and ATM payments
  • Pay Pal


All lay-a-ways are 30 days unless otherwise specified.



Warranties are offered by the manufacturer’s. Most of our scooters are shipped factory direct. Warranty covers limited parts and not labor. If a defective part is required for exchange for warranty customer is responsible for shipping back to manufacturer. Extreme Scooters sells scooters at almost wholesale prices so if any dealer prep is needed or assembly it is the customers responsibility. Extreme-Scooters does not cover any trailer rental.

MC warranty policies: (MC Family Moped Models – Maui, Bahama, Sicily, Tahiti, Fiji, Bermuda, Bali)

Note: MC and Tank import two brand of scooters which are identical. These are the Tank Touring 150 and 250 and the MC Bali 150 and 250.



Most of all products on our web site are dropped shipped directly from our distributors to your residence, thus shipping time and availability will vary.

Normal shipping time will vary according to zip code and product ordered. A shipping time estimate will be provided on your bill of sale. We are sorry but the shipping time estimate can not be guaranteed as a delivery date.


Shipping Damage:

Upon receipt of the the product ordered, i.e. trike, bike or scooter you should perform an inspection making sure everything is in order, conformance, and meets your order.

Assure that there is no visible shipping damage to the crate itself or contents, otherwise you have the right to refuse the shipment and a replacement will be shipped.

However, if you see even a tear on the shipping container, you have to note it above or below your signature on the receipt the truck driver gives you for the reason of activating the shipping insurance in case of hidden damage that may not be visible at the time of delivery. You must hand write a short note such as: “The crate had some damage” etc.

Any visible damage and the shipping company or carrier will not attempt to deliver, but instead return and a replacement item will be shipped. We will provide replacement parts and any related reimbursement. The shipping damage claim can be filed by yourself, or extreme-scooters, we will be glad to do so and / or provide all necessary assistance with the claim.



Any cancelled order by the customer is subject to processing fees.



Used merchandise will not be accepted for return after 10 days from date of delivery.

There may be additional fees on returned merchandise based on the merchandise condition.

A 20% processing fee will be added to all returned merchandise.

Extreme-Scooters reserves the right to refuse the return of any merchandise at any time, regardless of any issues, condition, or length of time since purchase.


Advertised Speed:

When top or maximum speed is specified it means:

The vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, trike etc. is capable to reach and perform to that speed safely but may or may not reach that speed in actual usage without modification(s) depending on several factors to include removal of speed limiter installed by factory and other(s).



Note: It is common for Imported street legal scooters, trikes, motorcycles, etc to be manufactured one year and more rarely two years prior to the current sale invoice year. Therefore the appearance of metal oxidation, and other indication associated with storage for a year or two years may give the impression the vehicle is not brand new when if fact it is. In addition the street legal scooter, trikes, motorcycle, etc. comes with a federal odometer disclosure that indicates that it has approximately 5 miles on the odometer, where the factory required testing the vehicle to assure all functions meet DOT Requirements.

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