MC-150LKY2 Street

150cc Motorcycle
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Sensational Motorcycle Design:

This is a unique product. It is a motor scooter that looks similar to a motorcycle. It has our same reliable 150cc motor that is in all of our scooters. If you don’t like the look of a motor scooter but still want the efficiency of one, this might be the right product for you. It has scooter sized wheels and a proportional motorcycle body on top of it. It comes in red and black. It has been given a thumbs up by our staff.

Up to 80 MPG:

Ultimate Gas Saver! This gas scooter for sale gets 80 miles per gallon which is extremely fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

High Performance Disc Brakes:

This 150cc motorcycle features the fully upgraded ABS hydraulic disc braking system on the front, which delivers smooth stops in half the distance of standard. Safety concerns often put off potential scooter buyers, but with this breaking system there will be no problem stopping in an emergency or even in the rain. The ABS braking system allows the novice to brake as efficiently as a rider with years of experience. These advanced new safety systems ensure that the front wheel will not skid under braking no matter what the road condition, furthermore stopping distances will be dramatically reduced by over 8.2 meters.

Fully Automatic Transmission:

Scooters are a great vehicle for those first-time-riders or for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about changing gears. The fully automatic transmission is very simple to use and provides a stress free ride.

Street Legal:

The SUNNY air cooled uses a 150cc 4-stroke engine keeps up with all traffic and rides smooth. Wide comfortable seats, Front & rear Disk Brakes, 13″ cast alloy wheels, up to 50mph, windscreen, and halogen lights. Our most popular selling cruise scooter. Low maintenance, easy care, and great gas savings. This scooter as a street legal vehicle in 50 states including California.


One year warranty on Motor and frame. Buyers are required basic repair skills such as using general tools; replacing nuts &, bolts, filters, light bulbs, fluids, etc. The warranty is effective only if:

  • The product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose
  • The product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.
Free Registration documentation:

We provide a complete MSO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin) and the Bill of Sale which might be required for registration at your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles. The MSO is such an important document and is not supposed to be shipped with the scooter, it will be mailed to you after you receive your scooter and email us the VIN number on the scooter. MSO generally requires extra time to process, actual times may vary.


This Item comes 93% assembled (Battery set up, mirrors and minor adjustments may be required). Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation.Warranty is valid straight from the box.

150LKY2 features

  • Blinkers
  • Brake Light
  • Double rear shock
  • Dual Telescopic Forks Suspension
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Head Light
  • Rear Disc Brakes
  • Reinforced Steel Tube Frame
  • Street Legal
  • Tail Light
Displacement 150cc
Cooling Air-cooled
Horsepower 9.4 hp
Max Speed 60+ mph
Ignition C.D.I.
Starting System Electric / Kick
Battery 12V / 7Ah
Length 76 in.
Wheelbase 53 in.
Maximum Load 330 lbs
Dry Weight 231 lbs
Height to Seat 31 in.
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gal.
Clutch CVT Automatic
Final Drive Belt
Brakes, Front/Rear Disc, Hydraulic Disc
Suspension, Front/Rear Dual Telescopic Forks, Dual Shock
Tires, Front/Rear 130/60-13, 130/60-13
Warranty Engine 1-Year,
Frame 1-Year
Assembly Battery set up, Trunk, Mirrors and Minor Adjustments may be Required
Product Type: Motorcycles
Price: $1,699
Color: Red, Green, Orange, Black
Engine: 4-Stroke
Cooling: Air-cooled
Displacement: 150cc
Horsepower: 9.4 hp
Transmission: CVT
Batteries: 12 Volt
Speed: 60+ mph
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